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Manual Chain Hoists

Premium Chain Block TCB with Overload ProtectionDownload
Industrial Chain Block TR7Download
Corrosion Resistant Chain Block SS20Download
Mini Chain Block TCB 250kg, 0.25tDownload
ROV Compatible Chain BlockContact the Factory
Combination Chain Block and TrolleyDownload
Low Headroom Combination Chain Block & TrolleyDownload
Ultra Low Headroom Combination Chain Block & TrolleyDownload

Lever Chain Hoists

Premium Lever Hoist PROLH with Overload ProtectionDownload
Industrial Lever Hoist TR7Download
Mini Lever Hoist TLHDownload
Subsea Lever Hoist SS19Contact the Factory
Spark Resistant Chain Blocks and Lever HoistsDownload


Air Trolleys TA, TG, & TPDownload
Industrial Air Hoists TAHSDownload
Industrial Air Hoists TAH33Download
Industrial Air Hoists TAH52Download
Industrial Air Hoists TAHS, TAH21Download
Industrial Air Winches, WAR-IDownload

Beam & Girder Clamps

Universal Beam Clamp BCUDownload
Fixed Jaw Heavy Duty Beam Clamp with Shackle BCFDownload
Tiger Bulb Flat Bar Anchor/Clamp BCBDownload
Adjustable Angle Beam Clamp BCADownload
Adjustable Beam Clamp with Shackle BCSDownload
Adjustable Beam Clamp BCDownload
Rail Clamp CRTDownload
Safety Screw Cam Clamp CSSDownload
Safety Screw Cam Clamp CSCDownload
Spark Resistant Beam ClampContact the Factory
Universal Plate Clamp CPUDownload

Trolley/Beam Crawls

Trolley TP/TG
Spark Resistant Trolley
Contact the Factory
Low Headroom Air Trolley & Hoist ULTDownload
Air Trolleys TA, TG, & TPDownload


BHW Automatic Brake Hand WinchDownload
General Purpose Hand Winch HW-2000Download
SF Industrial WinchDownload
Fire Hose WinderDownload