Industrial Winch

SF Industrial Winch

The SF Industrial Winch is a versatile and reliable device that can be used for lifting and pulling loads up to 1 ton and 2 tons respectively. It features a ratchet handle that allows bidirectional movement, a load-actuated brake that ensures safety and stability, and a durable gear and brake cover that protects the mechanism from dust, dirt and rain. The SF Industrial Winch is easy to operate and can be installed in tight spaces such as walls and floors. It is suitable for various material lifting industry applications including construction, mining, agriculture, and marine.

  • 1 ton lifting & 2 ton pulling capacity
  • Ratchet handle permits reciprocating handle movement in both directions for lifting and lowering loads
  • Positive load-actuated brake can hold the load in any position
  • Gears and brake are fully covered to prevent dust, dirt and rain contamination
  • Very low operator effort is required for easy operation
  • Ratchet handle accommodates installation in cramped locations such as wall and floor