ROV Compatible Chain Block

ROV Compatible Chain Block

The Tiger ROV compatible chain block is available in various different interface options all in accordance with BS ISO 13628-8:2002 ROV Interfaces on Subsea production systems. Tested and finished in accordance with Annexes B & K of BS ISO 13628-1:2005:

  1. Hydraulic Hot Stab connection type A and B
  2. Rotary Torque Receptacle Classes 1,2 & 3
  3. D Handle, T-bar or Fishtail Direct Drive manual connection
  4. QD Direct Drive Couplings

Available as a 3t, 10t, 15t and 20t (single head six fall) capacity chain blocks, chained up to project specific heights of lift (HOL) that can be pre-set to meet the exact starting point required within the rigging drawings

  • 3t, 10t, 15t and 20t capacity units available
  • Fully corrosion protected
  • Stainless steel 316 framework and handle
  • Proven Subsea brake design
  • Patented Quad Cam pawl system
  • One-piece brake chamber cover
  • Heavy duty flexible chain bag with stainless steel mounting frame
  • 4 Point manipulator connection points
  • Compact and light weight
  • Balanced design for easy handling and installation
  • Subsea suitable bearings for top and bottom hook load sheaves
  • Marine specific friction discs
  • New hand wheel feature for on-deck height of lift adjustments
  • Bespoke chain lengths to meet exact customer requirements
  • Full individual spares back up
  • Each unit is fully tested and certified before delivery

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