trolley tp tg

Trolley TP/TG

  • Plain trolley range from 0.5t to 10t
  • Geared trolley range from 0.5t to 35t
  • The anti-drop plates design ensures extra safety, and also prevents damage to the wheels when contacting end rail stoppers
  • Extended beam width available
  • Corrosion or spark resistant versions available
  • Tiger trolley wheels are specially designed with a convex profile eliminating potential point loading
  • The wheels run on sealed ball bearings for smoother rolling with less effort and maintenance
  • Operating temperature of -30°C to +50°C (-22°F to +122°F) (temperature range of -58°F to +122°F available as an option)
  • Optional beam locking device
  • The 5:1 factor of safety allows for use with manual or powered hoists.