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Automatic Releasing System

BUC1000A / BUM1000A / BUF1000A Automatic Internal Expanding Lifting Clamp

For U Shaped Gutter (Pad Type with Wire Rope and Ring)

Examples of Use

Dedicated for lifting all kinds of concrete U shaped gutters (automatic setting and removing type).

Including a holder for preventing the cracking of U shaped gutter (always use together with the main body).

With the fully automated setting / removing mechanism, the repeated handling operations gets faster and easier, bringing higher productivity.

The spike design of the special rubber pads allows to grip firmly the load (can also be used as non-marring type).

The inside clamping avoids touching the alignment levelling strings, and makes unnecessary to leave a clearance space outside the workpiece.

Capacity: 1ton

Clamp Range: 210~330mm(Adjustable at 3 steps)