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Adjustable Width for Various Concrete Materials

AMC-N / AMB-N Universal Lifting Clamp For Concrete Material

Adjustable Clamp Range Type (Pad Type)

Examples of Use

The Universal Clamp is a versatile tool designed for lifting a variety of concrete materials, making it particularly suitable for handling pedestrian road boundary blocks and small L-shaped panels. Its adaptability is one of its key features; by altering the position of the pads, the clamp’s range can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of workpieces. Additionally, the shackle can be adjusted above the workpiece’s center of gravity, ensuring that the workpiece remains balanced during lifting. The special rubber pads are equipped with a spike design that provides a firm grip on the load, and they can also be utilized as a non-marring type to prevent damage. For ease of operation, the open lock can be manually locked, allowing for the smooth removal of the lifting piece. Moreover, for those requiring enhanced functionality, optional parts are available for purchase separately, which enable the connection of two clamps for larger tasks.

Capacity: 250 / 500kg

Clamp Range: 10~240mm